Journal Entry: Juliet

*Revised on May 4, 2015
July 18th, 1303

I know I only met him yesterday, but Romeo and I are getting married tomorrow.
I could tell from the moment that we met last night that these feelings were very real.
Why oh why does he have to be a Montague?
I know we’re going to get married regardless, but, it just makes everything so much harder.
No matter, I love him all the same.
9 o’clock tomorrow, 9 o’clock.
I will send my nurse for him, and the final arrangements will be made.
It just seems to far away, I can’t wait any longer.
However, I will.
My darling, Romeo, is definitely worth the wait.
I’d wait forever if I had to.
9 o’clock tomorrow, 9 o’clock.


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