Song Analysis 3

Personally, between the two choices for this song analysis, I found Michael Jackson’s Beat It to be a much better representation of Act III of Romeo and Juliet compared to The Banishment by Prong.
All of the lyrics in The Punishment suggest that the person telling the story is voluntarily leaving, but is very distraught about it. The singer does appear to feel banished, but the choice is of their own will, which does not represent Romeo’s situation at all; he was banished from the city because he killed Tybalt, of the Capulet household. The lyric, “No reason for me to hang around this place,” proves that the singer is making this decision for themself. The video is just footage from a rock show, so that is not really relevant and it does not correlate with Romeo and Juliet. Beat It represents Romeo’s situation a lot better.  This song is basically the singer warning someone to stay away from the area, because they will get killed if they stick around. One specific lyric is, “They told him, ‘Don’t you ever come around here…’,” but the whole song is based around that same theme. The video also featured a knife fight between the two main gangs in the video, which parallels the fights between Mercutio and Tybalt, and Romeo and Tybalt (Montague vs. Capulet). Overall, The Banishment  has no real correlation to Act III of Romeo and Juliet, or really at all, but Beat It by Michael Jackson does have some obvious parallels.

(Beat It knife fight)

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