Anxiety Attacks vs. Nervous Breakdowns vs. Panic Attacks part 2: Causes and Symptoms

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*If you have not read Anxiety Attacks vs. Nervous Breakdowns vs. Panic Attacks part 1: Definitions, go read that first if you’d like.
There are probably an infinite amount of different causes for and symptoms from these overwhelming anxious feelings, however, these are some of the causes and symptoms of anxiety attacks, nervous breakdowns, and panic attacks. Many causes and symptoms are shared between the three, but here are only some examples. Also, each example has a link on it to a definition of the example, an explanation of how it is related to these attacks or breakdowns, or their own symptoms, so if you want to continue your learning on these topics, feel free to start here.

Anxiety Attack Causes 
-Brain malfunctions (such as Encephalopathy) [1]
-Constant feelings of tension or stress
Environmental stress
Excessive worrying
-Serious fears or phobias  

Anxiety Attack Symptoms
-Difficulty concentrating or sleeping [2]
Heart palpitations
Muscle tension [3]
-Uncontrollable shaking or trembling

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Nervous Breakdown Causes 
Death of a loved one
Financial troubles
Personal relationship issues [4]

Nervous Breakdown Symptoms
Breathing problems
-Fear (see Anxiety Attack Causes for more information)
-Irregular heartbeat (Heart arrhythmia) [5]

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Panic Attack Causes
Predisposition due to genetics [6]
Post-traumatic stress

Panic Attack Symptoms
Breathing troubles
Chest Pain
Chills or hot flashes
Heart Palpitations
Vertigo [7]

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Many of these symptoms can go on to cause other things as well; it does not simply stop. Here is a chart of some of the symptoms previously mentioned and some of the side-effects of these symptoms.

SYMPTOMS EFFECTS (or Symptoms of the Symptoms)
Anger [8] -digestive issues
-heart attacks/strokes
-high blood pressure
-skin problems

Difficulty concentrating [9] -emotional stress
-hormonal changes
-possible relation to Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Difficulty sleeping [10] -anger
-memory loss
-slowed reaction time
-slowed thought process

Dissociation [11] -feeling detached from yourself
-feeling unsure of who you are
-forgetting things very easily
-getting lost very easily
-internal voices

Guilt [12] -aggressive behaviour
-diverting blame onto others

Instability [13] -balance issues/trouble standing and walking
-mood swings (intense depression and mania)

Muscle tension [14] -immediate pain
-long-term pain

Paranoia [15] -confusion
-low self esteem
-possibility of serious conditions (such as Alzheimer’s disease, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia)

Sleepwalking [16] -night terrors
-risk of hurting oneself or others

Vertigo [17] -dizziness
-feeling lightheaded
-probable relation to mental diseases or disorders

*If you’d like to learn more, you can read Anxiety Attacks vs. Nervous Breakdowns vs. Panic Attacks part 3: Help
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