Anxiety Attacks vs. Nervous Breakdowns vs. Panic Attacks part 3: Help

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*If you have not read Anxiety Attacks vs. Nervous Breakdowns vs. Panic Attacks part 1:Definitions or part 2: Causes and Symptoms, go read those first if you’d like.
Different types of anxiety or mood disorders that may cause these types of outbreaks of emotion can always be helped. There are so many ways people can help themselves and places people can go to get these kinds of things checked out; there are so many people that are available to help with these kinds of things. All of the following methods are applicable to anxiety attacks, nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, and anything similar. Stay safe.

Ask for help when you think you need it (whether it is from parents, friends, professionals, etc; whatever works for you) [1]
Avoid mass amounts of caffeine
Avoid overestimating and catastrophizing
Calm and controlled breathing (for about 6-8 minutes at a time) [2]
Give yourself time to relax (take breaks, breathe, meditate)
Manage your time
Pinpoint direct causes (this will make things easier to deal with) [3]
Prioritize your needs (identify what your body and mind are lacking in because or in result of your anxiety/stress) [4]
Relax your muscles (for about 25 minutes a day) [5]
Try to take care of your body as well as your mind (keep everything as healthy as it can be, eat well, reduce use of harmful substances, sleep)
Yoga [6]
Here is guided meditation video to help with calm breathing and relaxation.

Acceptance and commitment therapy (focuses on living in the moment and experiencing things without judgement)
Cognitive behaviour therapy (focuses on thoughts and behaviours)
Core belief psychotherapy (assesses and heals one’s negative core beliefs about oneself) [7]
Dialectical behavioural therapy (involves concepts of Eastern meditation and helps tolerance of distress and regulation of emotions)
Exposure therapy (encourages confrontation of fears in a safe, controlled environment)
Interpersonal therapy (addresses depression and works to gather information to further understand one’s emotions) [8]
Psychoanalysis therapy
Here is a chart to help understand the process behind cognitive behaviour therapy.

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Antidepressants: Anafranil, Celexa, Effexor, Lexapro, Marplan, Nardil, Parnate, Paxil, Prozac, Tofranil, Zoloft
Anxiety: Ativan, Buspar, Klonopin, Tranxene, Valium, Xanax [9]
High Blood Pressure: Blocadren, Catapres, Cartrol, Inderal, Tenormin [10]
Insomnia: Halcion, Restoril
Other: Betapace (treats irregular heartbeat), Luvox (treats a variety of psychiatric disorders) [11]

Anxiety Panic Support (
Social Anxiety Support Chat ( [12]
7 Cups of Tea (
Anxiety Central (
Anxiety Chatroom (
Anxiety Social Net (
Anxiety Zone (
Experience Project (
Panic Center (
People’s Problems (
Social Anxiety Bootcamp (

24/7 Crisis Line: 905-522-1477
Help Finding a Therapist: 1-800-843-7274
Kids Help Phone: 1-800-688-6868
National Youth Crisis Support: 1-800-448-4663
Panic Disorder Information and Support: 1-800-647-2642
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-2433 [13]
Anxiety Alliance: 0845 296 7877 (daily, 10am-10pm)
Anxiety UK: 08444-775-774 (Monday-Friday, 9.30am-5.30pm)
International Stress Management Association: 0845-680-7083 (Monday-Friday 9am-1pm)
Lifeline: 13-11-14
National Institute of Mental Health Panic Disorder Helpline: 800-647-2642
National Mental Health Association: 800-969-6642 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)
No Panic: 0844-967-4848 (daily, 10am-10pm)
Sovereign Health: 1-855-423-5350
Therapist Network: 800-843-727478

Anti-Anxiety APP (only for Android)
Anxiety Free (only for iPhone)
Calming Music to Simplicity (only for Android)
I Can be Fearless (only for iPhone)
Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep (only for Android)
Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation (only for Android)
Relax Melodies
Relax Ocean Waves Sleep (only for Android)
Relaxing Sounds of Nature (Lite) (only for iPhone)
Stop Panic and Anxiety Help (only for Android)
Universal Breathing- Pranayama Free
Worry Box-Anxiety Self Help (only for Android) [14]
Anxiety Free Hypnosis
Pacifica- Stress and Anxiety
Relax Lite
Self-Help for Anxiety Management <- strong personal recommendation
Stress Relief and Anxiety Help

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